Chico Scrap Metal is a family operated business supporting the community in their personal and business recycling needs. We accomplish this by being in a location that is accessible to the community; be it walk-in, ride-in, drive-in, or through our convenient drop box services. *Please call 530-345-6241 for drop box service arrangements.

We provide safe and proper management of materials that can be recycled rather than being discarded into the local landfill. CSM works with local businesses and individuals to provide bins to recycle metals.  These bins are placed on site for the proper removal of metals, then CSM retrieves this material for proper managing/recycling.

Non Ferrous Metals

Refractory Metals

Ferrous Metals

Iron-Based Super Alloys

Chico Scrap Metal & Recycling is pleased to serve the community of Butte County for forty + years and counting.  As described below our business diverts from the landfill and hauls out of this county a vast amount of recyclable material monthly.

Recycling Activities
  • Approximately 400 – 500 citizens and businesses bring in scrap metal, batteries (auto/truck), stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, appliances, and small metal per week (i.e. copper, brass, scrap aluminum).
  • In a region of 200,000 households, such as Chico, Oroville, and surrounding communities, approximately 1,000 stoves, 1,000 refrigerators and 2,000 water heaters (given the life cycle of such appliances) are discarded each year.
  • Without a regional scrap yard such as Chico Scrap Metal & Recycling (known as a feeder yard) this material would either end up at the landfill or worse, discarded on the side of the road/dumped in a ditch.
  • We are no longer accepting cardboard. Cardboard can be dropped off for free at Waste Management, 2569 Scott Ave, Chico CA.
  • We no longer accept CRV (California Redemption Value) containers as of August 6, 2021 at any of our locations.
Diverted From Landfill
  • CRV Aluminum Cans
    • 17,300 LBS per month
  • CRV Glass
    • 43,000 LBS per month
  • CRV Plastic
    • 32,000 LBS per month
  • Ferrous Metals
    • 2,050,000 LBS per month
  • Non Ferrous Metals
    • 174,000 LBS per month