California Redemption Value (CRV) Buyback To Stop

Our last day accepting CRV recyclable materials will be Friday, August 6, 2021. As many of you know we have been a long standing fight (10yrs) to remain open and to provide recycling services to our community. These efforts have been costly to date.

The City of Chico has chosen to no longer make an effort to settle this dispute – help us remain open – help us relocate and instead continue onto a lawsuit.

Chico Scrap Metal must re-structure and financially prepare for this very costly task and therefore stop business practices that are more service driven than profit making (the volatility of this material swings up and down, at times no profit to be made that covers wages, etc.)

Contact CalRecycle website at CALRECYCLE.CA.GOV to find out the nearest location for recycling CRV material (we believe Oroville is the closest location). We hope that at some point we will be able to accept CRV material again – most likely only if the state intervenes.

WE WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR ALL SCRAP METAL MATERIAL (copper, insulated wire, brass, scrap alum, stainless, iron, tin, etc)

CALL (530) 343-7166 for more information

Thank you,

Chico Scrap Metal, Inc