Chico Scrap Metal, Inc & The City of Chico Issue Remains Unresolved

Chico Scrap Metal, Inc and the City of Chico issue remains unresolved – regardless of the front page news article of Nov 10, 2021

Chico Scrap Metal, Inc has been prepared for some time of the likely hood to relocate. We are simply asking the City to follow their own General Plan.

  1. Judges ruling is in regards to the amortization deadline stating that the deadline cannot be challenged.
  2. There is no ruling on the City’s obligation to relocate Chico Scrap Metal.
  3. The City is right now in violation of their own General Plan (Chapman-Mulberry Plan is part of their General Plan) because the city has allowed the amortization deadline to expire “without taking necessary steps to relocate CSM to a more appropriate location” – these are the City’s words.
  4. Karl Ory and his followers are asking the city to violate their own General Plan – so while he wants the city to enforce the law he is also asking the City to violate the General Plan.
  5. If the City is not willing to step up and comply with their General Plan, we will seek a court order to require they do so.
  6. The City needs to be law abiding citizens just as we do